Two beautiful spots in the monastery garden capture the attention of the sisters as they promenade around for fresh air and at the same time praying their rosary or contemplating the beauty of nature. These two spots are the two statues of our Blessed Mother displayed here to the right, recently installed by our good friends, the Knights of Columbus. This team of volunteers belong to Eldorado Council #10 led by our Brother Al Paulsen.
One of the statues stands at the center of the newly shaped "monastic garden" and the other somewhere behind the monastery. Sisters doing their regular "rosary walks" or "meditative walks" usually linger a little in front of the statues to gaze at Our Blessed Mother. Both these statues are perched atop of a pile of rocks, and surrounded with colorful flowers. "Mums" say it all!
And now special thanks to the following local businesses and individuals who discounted their fee and/or donated materials: Earle Tucker of Empire Paving, the Cosgrove Family, Giordano Construction, Gene Burban, and Matt Hally of Hally's Cleaning.

Lion's ParkEntrance to our garden
Back of the houseBVM behind our rooms
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